Bamboo Weaving in Daily Life


         ‘Peiyd’ or ‘Kra-Boong’ (or Boong) is the container similar to Kra-Boon in the central region.
However, the northern Boong has different shapes and is smaller than the central Boong ...


  ‘Kong’ (Fish trap) is one kind of bamboo weaving. It is tided around the waist and used when fishing which fish, prawn, and shellfish are put inside Kong.


‘Huad’ or ‘Sah-Huad’ is generally used in the upper north. In general, it is made from ‘Pai Heiy’ (scientific name: Dendrocalamus hamiltonii) or ‘Pai Bong’ (scientific name: Bambusa nutans Wall.).


‘Toom’ is a bamboo weaving made from Pai Bong (scientific name: Bambusa nutans Wall.). There are two types of Toom which are small Toom and big Toom depending on the size of fish.


Shelve is developed from Kra-Dong and Kra-Jad which is layered as a shelve in order to minimize an area. The shelve is made from Pai Bong (scientific name: Bambusa nutans Wall.) 


   ‘Kra-Jad’ or ‘Kra-Chao’ is made from Pai Bong (scientific name: Bambusa nutans Wall.) by splitting bamboo into strips which requires high level of carefulness, neatness, skill, and patience.


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